TeamViewer Tensor SaaS platform taps into enterprise demand for maximum security and flexibility

TeamViewer announced this week immediate availability of TeamViewer Tensor, an enterprise SaaS platform for secure remote access, support, control and collaboration. Built on TeamViewer’s infrastructure and software, TeamViewer Tensor caters to the distinct regulatory environment and specific requirements of large corporations for connecting their global workforce. The platform introduces a set of new enterprise-class functionalities including comprehensive reporting logs, advanced authentication management as well as mass deployment capabilities.

Teamviewer Tensor works with Identity providers using SAML 2.0 to better manage, centralize, secure and control account logins (e.g. ADFS, Azure Okta and OneLogin). It offers Single-Sign-On (SSO) for efficient user authentication and leverages corporate policies from central user management as defined with the identity provider like password policies and smart-card authentication, YubiKey. Any user change such as deactivation is updated without requiring additional input.

Comprehensive logging is used to support audit trails as well as optional documentation of internal and external compliance processes. TeamViewer Tensor allows companies to opt in and out any time to collect a log of all relevant actions (who, what, when, where) during remote control sessions and for activities performed at the management console level with reports only visible to authorised users.

TeamViewer Tensor can be scaled to a large number of devices (Windows and Mac) using standard software deployment solutions. End users are not disturbed, with minimal input required by administrators and the service can be up and running within minutes. As a device agnostic platform, TeamViewer Tensor connects PC to PC, mobile to PC, PC to mobile, and even mobile to mobile running on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform and BlackBerry.

TeamViewer Tensor can be integrated with various platforms commonly used within large organizations. It integrates with Microsoft Intune, Dynamics 365 and Active Directory, MobileIron, Amazon WorkSpaces, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Atlassian Jira, Freshworks, Freshdesk, IBM MaaS360, Salesforce, Ninja and more.

A cloud-based offering, TeamViewer Tensor taps into rising enterprise demand for SaaS solutions that feature maximum security and greater flexibility compared to on-premises server installations.

The platform leverages TeamViewer’s global access network of more than 1000+ routers to offer swift performance and large-scale deployments that can be up and running in minutes with zero hardware costs. Its out-of-the-box functionality and device agnostic, cross-platform compatibility brings a superior user and admin experience to securely connect anything, anywhere, anytime.

“TeamViewer Tensor leverages our leadership in remote connectivity for the global enterprise workspace,” said Oliver Steil, CEO of TeamViewer. “TeamViewer offers the broadest set of features for the highest number of platforms and has by far the most installations and concurrent remote access sessions. TeamViewer Tensor builds on this strength to address the typical pain points of enterprises to help them implement state-of-the-art connectivity, increase productivity and pave the way for IoT and AR innovation.”

Secure connectivity has grown into a decisive success factor at the core of global business operations. A recent survey conducted by ResearchNow SSI found that 57 percent of polled companies in the United States define remote access and support capabilities as highly business-critical.


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