Opengear NetOps Automation Platform offers vendor-neutral network provisioning, remote configuration, and out-of-band access

Opengear announced on Tuesday general availability of the Opengear NetOps Automation platform that provides enterprises with a complete and centralized management solution for achieving vendor-neutral automation of NetOps workflows.

The NetOps Automation platform is built on a network of distributed Opengear management devices that enable presence and proximity at each of an organization’s network locations. Managed through the Lighthouse software interface with containerized NetOps Modules providing specialized functionality, business processes become easy to abstract, implement and automate.

Enterprises can automate critical workflows via the Lighthouse centralized management system, running containerized NetOps modules that provide specialized functionality for making business processes even easier to abstract, implement and automate. A Secure Provisioning module and a LogZilla module for event management are now available, with additional modules under development.

The Secure Provisioning NetOps Module utilizes Opengear’s new OM2200 Operations Manager to automate initial provisioning, configuration management, re-provisioning, and disaster recovery of remote infrastructure. The OM2200 is built into the initial rack shipped to a branch office or other remote site and, once powered on, will call home using its embedded cellular module (which is secured and protected from tampering by TPM safeguards).

Lighthouse 5 then automatically pushes image, configuration, and script files to the OM2200, which in turn provisions other hardware devices at the location. This completes the secure, zero-touch provisioning of local network infrastructure from a single appliance, with no IT intervention required.

“The NetOps Automation platform is driven by the desire of our enterprise customers to automate repetitive and error-prone activities both in the data center and at remote locations,” said Gary Marks, CEO, Opengear. “It’s a natural progression from our existing presence in the network infrastructure, where they rely on us to provide always-on access with smart out-of-band management. This innovative new solution provides that same level of resilience and convenience beyond out-of-band, as these organizations embrace the NetOps philosophy to streamline their processes and reduce human intervention.”

“The automated provisioning and centralized network management capabilities offered by the NetOps Automation platform serve an increasingly critical need, as enterprises scale and expand their infrastructure to meet ever-increasing demands on network capacity,” said Marcio Saito, CTO, Opengear. “We’re excited to have LogZilla as our first NetOps Automation platform ecosystem partner, with its powerful event data management and analytics module proving the platform’s incredible potential. We look forward to future opportunities to add modules alongside further partners as well.”

The LogZilla NetOps Module – a second module releasing today for use with Opengear’s NetOps Automation platform – was produced through a new partnership between Opengear and LogZilla. The module offers integration with LogZilla’s flagship event management solution to deliver real-time network intelligence and analytics, always-on monitoring, and forensics (even during network outages).

Coupled with Opengear’s local appliances, this module improves enterprises’ network resiliency and reduces the mean-time-to-repair and total cost of ownership across network equipment. LogZilla’s solution allows organizations to consolidate multiple servers traditionally required to maintain effective management system logs, and instead run them solely through Opengear’s NetOps Automation platform. Additionally, the LogZilla event preduplication and forwarding engine can run locally at remote sites when deployed onto OM2000 appliances.

“This partnership between Opengear and LogZilla delivers a Network Operations module perfectly aligned to the current needs of enterprise customers and industries we serve,” said Clayton Dukes, CEO, LogZilla. “We remain committed to reducing the total cost of ownership of network equipment by fostering a natural synergy with what Opengear’s accomplished through its NetOps Automation system. We’re excited by the possibilities of this offering, and see this as the first of many collaborations with Opengear.”

The Opengear NetOps Automation platform includes the OM2200 appliance, along with a subscription-based license for Lighthouse 5 and individual NetOps modules, and is available through Opengear’s reseller partners.


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