Secureworks’ Red Cloak Behavioral Analytics now works on CrowdStrike’s Falcon endpoint protection platform

CrowdStrike Inc. and Secureworks announced on Monday that they will bring a new level of advanced endpoint threat detection to the marketplace by teaming up to apply Secureworks’ Red Cloak behavioral analytics and intelligence to CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform data.

The joint offering delivers in a single package am endpoint detection and response solution with applied analytics and intelligence to accelerate investigations and provides guided remediation steps for more confident response to real threats.

When the joint offering becomes generally available, both Secureworks and CrowdStrike customers will benefit from additional countermeasures driven by the integration. Powered by the CrowdStrike Threat Graph, the CrowdStrike Falcon platform leverages threat telemetry, and is now processing over 1 trillion security events per week.

This announcement follows launch earlier this month of the Secureworks Red Cloak Partner Program, which allows the company to make its high-fidelity detection and incident investigation capabilities available more broadly, while also giving clients the freedom to choose endpoint security solutions.

“We are excited to team up with Secureworks to enable them to apply their well-regarded expertise in threat intelligence and analysis to CrowdStrike’s Threat Graph telemetry data generated by the Falcon endpoint protection platform,” says Mike Carpenter, president, global sales and field operations at CrowdStrike. “As CrowdStrike and Secureworks share a broader range of threat detection and response data, our clients will experience added value without having to rip and replace their existing solution.”

Secureworks will leverage more than 16 years of experience detecting advanced adversaries across its global client base, and CrowdStrike will leverage its market-leading endpoint protection and EDR products to deliver the high-fidelity telemetry that makes it possible for Secureworks to apply its analytics and deliver the best possible context for validating and remediating true threats.

“This joint solution simplifies the buying process for companies that are looking to invest in both a market-leading endpoint technology and a leader in the MSSP and MDR markets,” says Wendy Thomas, senior vice president of business and product strategy at Secureworks. “Secureworks and CrowdStrike can now offer the rich integration of product, intelligence, insight and service that our clients have been asking for.”

Secureworks also released this month the Secureworks Security Maturity Model, a pragmatic methodology that organizations of all sizes can use to evaluate their level of cybersecurity maturity relative to inherent risk.

Secureworks released the model in response to its research which shows that more than one-third of US organizations (37 percent) face security risks that exceed their overall security maturity. Within that group, 10 percent face a significant deficiency when it comes to protecting themselves from the threats in their environment.

To increase global awareness of the gaps between cybersecurity maturity and risk, Secureworks is offering a complimentary evaluation that organizations can take to benchmark their maturity using the Secureworks methodology. Cybersecurity leaders who complete a simple online tool with the support of a Secureworks security expert will receive a report that scores the organization’s capabilities and behaviors across five essential cybersecurity domains.

The report also assigns a current security maturity tier and compares the organization’s results to peer benchmarks. Intuitive charts and graphs throughout the report can be used to identify a desired future state of maturity, prioritize next steps in the journey and support more confident discussions about cybersecurity risk management with the board.


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