VMware aligns with Microsoft to connect and protect applications, data and users across branch locations, Microsoft Azure

VMware Inc. announced this week that VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud will be integrated with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN, enabling customers across industries to have business resources in Azure to gain simple, automated and high-performance connectivity to the branch.

This new solution will extend customers’ current ability to connect workloads running in Azure using VMware NSX SD-WAN and VMware NSX Data Center, and enable customers to deliver pervasive connectivity and intrinsic security from branch locations to Azure.

With NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud, Microsoft will be able to offer customers a range of flexible deployment options, including topology designs that require minimal changes to existing networks. Enterprises will be able to connect to Virtual WAN through globally distributed NSX SD-WAN hosted gateways, by deploying Virtual NSX SD-WAN Edges on Azure, or by connecting directly to Virtual WAN.

VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud enables enterprises to support application growth, network agility and simplified branch implementations while delivering optimized access to cloud services, private data centers and enterprise applications simultaneously over both ordinary broadband Internet and private links.

Customers will benefit from simplified network design and reduced complex custom configurations at individual branch locations. NSX SD-WAN will enable enterprises to more securely support application growth and automate business policy and control for applications.

This solution will enable customers to redesign their networks for optimized cloud access using SD-WAN and a Virtual Cloud Network architecture. The solution will combine the Azure Virtual WAN, which spans more than 130 edge sites worldwide or Points of Presence (PoPs), with the optimization, intrinsic security, and ease of deployment provided by cloud-delivered NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud.

NSX SD-WAN will deliver simplified and cost-effective branch-office connectivity for last mile links leveraging Virtual WAN and the common network to connect to and through Azure.

The VMware NSX SD-WAN Edge by VeloCloud appliance is a compact, thin edge device that is zero-touch provisioned from the cloud for secure, optimized connectivity to applications and data. The NSX SD-WAN Edge is also available as a VNF (virtual network function) for instantiation on a virtual CPE platform.

The NSX SD-WAN Edge with Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization (DMPO) and deep application recognition aggregates multiple links such as private, cable, DSL and 4G-LTE, and steer traffic over the optimal links to other on-premises NSX SD-WAN Edges in branch offices, private data centers, campuses, and headquarters.

This system of NSX SD-WAN Gateways is deployed globally at top-tier cloud data centers to provide scalable and on-demand cloud network services. NSX SD-WAN Gateways implement NSX SD-WAN DMPO, cloud VPN and NSX SD-WAN Multisource Inbound Quality of Service between global cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, network services) and each NSX SD-WAN Edge, enabling multiple broadband and private leased lines to appear as a single, high-performance WAN.

The cloud-based VMware NSX SD-WAN Orchestrator by VeloCloud is used to provision network- wide business policy, enable services insertion, perform real-time monitoring, and analyze application performance.

“Cloud is about agility, availability and speed. It’s about making sure the right resources are delivered just in time without fail to drive the best possible business outcomes. VMware’s cloud-delivered SD-WAN, as part of a Virtual Cloud Network architecture, connects and protects applications, data and users wherever they are,” said Sanjay Uppal, vice president and general manager, VeloCloud Business Unit, VMware. “Through this solution, IT organizations will be able to automate connectivity into Microsoft cloud environments as new branches get added through NSX SD-WAN, without having to go through manual complex routing. This will fundamentally change the economics and operating model for building global, highly available and distributed networks.”

“Organizations need turnkey networking solutions that are easy to deploy, use, and manage, and that offer high availability and automatically scale to maximize the value of moving to the cloud,” said Yousef Khalidi, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure. “Through this collaboration, Microsoft and VMware will offer large-scale branch connectivity in a simple, secure, and unified manner to Microsoft customers.”


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