Cohesity Partner Program empowers service providers to build, manage, grow multi-cloud services on single web-scale platform

Cohesity expanded on Tuesday the Cohesity Partner Program that gives service providers the ability to build and deliver highly differentiated secondary data and application services to meet the growing demands of enterprise customers.

Service providers that join the Cohesity Partner Program can now utilize new capabilities in the Cohesity DataPlatform, including multi-tenancy, tenant self-service, and chargeback reporting to deliver high-value services across private, public and hybrid clouds within one web-scale platform.

The first service provider partners to earn the Cohesity Powered designation are QTS, Faction, and Fundaments. These partners have met Cohesity’s strict standards for delivering and supporting secondary data and apps on the Cohesity platform. QTS, Faction, and Fundaments have made investments in Cohesity technologies and are committed to offering differentiated secondary data and apps services and support on top of Cohesity’s platform.

Service providers joining the Cohesity Partner Program are ideally positioned to capture some of the US$60 billion total addressable market (TAM) for secondary data and applications by hosting Cohesity on customers’ premises, in a colocation facility, in their own data centers, or on leading hyperscale public clouds—in any and all combinations. They can combine the Cohesity DataPlatform, unified management with Cohesity Helios, and integration with VMware vCloud Director.

The Cohesity DataPlatform empowers service providers to deliver a broad range of multi-tenant or single-tenant secondary data services from one web-scale, hyperconverged platform. Service providers can deliver a rich catalog of shared or dedicated services across multi-clouds including the following as a service offerings: backup, archive, disaster recovery, filer, object storage, test/dev, and analytics. They can also deliver custom services, such as security as a service, using Cohesity’s API-first architecture and RESTFUL APIs.

Cohesity’s built-in security enables service providers to play a key role in helping their customers address industry data privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and PCI and data sovereignty requirements.

With the Cohesity platform, service providers can securely host multiple customers at scale. Cohesity’s integration with VMware vCloud Director securely protects virtual data centers (vDCs) for tenants while giving tenants self-service capabilities. Cohesity safeguards data with secure namespace isolation, per-tenant encryption of data at-rest and in-flight, and a bring-your-own encryption key.

For maximum flexibility, service providers can deploy Cohesity DataPlatform on Cohesity, Cisco, or HPE hyperconverged secondary storage appliances and integrate their own management system. By consolidating on a single platform and eliminating legacy data silos, service providers can reduce investments, increase return on investment (ROI), and streamline operations.

Cohesity delivers scale, availability, resilience and efficiency that service providers require. It offers advanced inline, variable length, cross tenant, and block level global deduplication using the patented Cohesity SpanFS system. This is critical for achieving the highest levels of storage efficiency, enabling lower cost and fast data access from anywhere in the world. Customers can continue to add compute horsepower and storage capacity without limit and without disrupting operations to handle growing business needs.

With Cohesity’s software-defined platform, service providers can deliver differentiated cloud and managed services with seamless data mobility and management, and a consistent customer experience across an array of clouds including public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

With Cohesity Helios, a SaaS-based management solution, service providers gain unprecedented global access, visibility, and control of secondary apps and data across all Cohesity nodes. This supports better understanding of capacity, consumption, and data growth while offering customers unparalleled insight to untapped data to transform their businesses.

“The Cohesity Partner Program gives service providers innovative ways to help customers directly address the complexities of mass data fragmentation while harnessing the power of secondary data and applications,” said Mohit Aron, founder and CEO, Cohesity. “By building their own solutions on Cohesity’s platform, coupled with the credibility of the Cohesity Powered trust mark, service providers can confidently offer a wider array of value-added services to their customers, grow their businesses, and help customers derive the most value from their secondary data.”


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