Naveego Data Accuracy Platform 2018.2.0 ensures data accuracy, drives consistency, promotes accessibility

Naveego introduced on Tuesday its Data Accuracy Platform 2018.2.0 that empowers organizations to proactively transform data into viable, actionable information assets across enterprise systems. The platform delivers enhanced data quality in a big data world, without the gross complexity and high cost of customized installation and ongoing maintenance that go hand-in-hand with legacy solutions.

Naveego’s Data Accuracy Platform 2018.2.0 provides a holistic view of information assets across traditional data such as CRM, ERP and MDM systems, as well as new data from web searches, clickstreams, IoT sensor data, social media, and streaming data.

By connecting across sources of data into a single view, businesses can proactively achieve global data health, in one place, it ensures data accuracy, drives consistency across the enterprise, and promotes accessibility for business decision makers. The platform delivers the power of MDM, and real-time validation and monitoring. It also enables (without building) bi-directional sync.

As data expands exponentially due to influence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things (IoT), mobile devices, autonomous vehicles, and other sources outside of traditional data centers, the challenge of data cleansing is rapidly becoming more difficult, as well as expensive.

In addition to the high price of legacy systems and customization, poor data quality costs the U.S. economy US$3.1 trillion a year. At $100 for each incorrect record, a company with only 50,000 incorrect records incurs a cost of $5 million to maintain them.

There is also a cost associated with the undue time that high wage data scientists spend on scrubbing and prepping data. Reports indicate that up to 80 percent of their time is squandered on mundanely collecting and cleansing inaccurate digital data, before it can be explored and used for analysis purposes. This “data janitor work” is their least favored activity, though it consumes most of their time when they should be focused on actual data analysis.

The Naveego Complete Data Accuracy Platform 2018.2.0 release positions the platform to handle the massive amounts of data and storage required by Big Data applications. By leveraging Hadoop technologies such as Apache Kafka and Apache Spark, the platform is able to handle high volumes of data from any source, in real-time, regardless of its structure or schema.

The platform is fully self-service capable, allowing new partners and customers to add new tenants to the system. While Naveego’s support staff is available to assist, users can perform all operations without customization, and achieve MDM implementation in hours, as compared with other solutions that can require years.

Tracking, logging and normalizing data across distributed systems such as Hadoop is a difficult process, and challenging to support. The platform’s Data Flow Log has been enhanced to track all data over distributed systems with multiple processors, and deliver invaluable end-to-end visibility to users. This patent pending capability, unique to Naveego, identifies duplicate records, cleanses data and performs exact matching, in addition to tracking the lifecycle of all data across time and who or what changed it.

The MDM system has been designed to handle probabilistic matching and merging at a massive scale across distributed environments. Leveraging systems such as Apache Kafka and Apache Spark enables the platform to manage new load requirements.

“The race to drive competitive advantage through better use of information assets is leading to demand for efficiency – which means demand for reliable data,” said Katie Horvath, CEO of Naveego. “In order to monetize data and obtain ROI on data collection investment, efficiencies must be achieved to get clean and accurate data that businesses can rely on. This is why demand for Naveego’s Complete Data Accuracy platform is exploding. In the Hadoop world of big data, and the ‘new data’ from sources not managed by traditional master data management installations (such as IoT data), businesses need a solution that brings together and manages both new and traditional data from disparate sources, scrub it, and deliver it ready for consumption analysis and business productivity and profitability.”

Breitburn Energy Partners uses Naveego’s platform to help ensure quality data, streamlined processes, quicker decisions and reduced risk.

“Traditional on-premises data quality solutions are expensive to deploy, require teams of specialists and take months before delivering any value to the business,” said Mike Kasprzak, Breitburn’s data administration services manager. “Naveego stands apart with a seamless, affordable solution that empowers our analysts with quality data they can utilize immediately to more efficiently do their work. They can focus their skills and expertise on creating value based on reliable data – a huge advantage for both business and compliance reasons.”


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