CA Technologies releases autonomous artificial intelligence for IT operations capabilities

CA Technologies announced on Tuesday availability of CA Digital Experience Insights that now combines the capabilities of CA Operational Intelligence and CA Automic Service Orchestration. Together, they form the new CA Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) platform to enable IT teams to automate and eliminate key tasks and make self-healing applications a reality.

CA combines app, infrastructure, network monitoring and machine learning analytics with automated service orchestration to help users solve complex IT problems including performance, capacity and configuration problems before they impact the business.

The CA AIOps-driven platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation capabilities. The platform normalizes, correlates and analyzes the rapidly increasing volume and variety of IT operational data across the entire digital delivery chain. Seamlessly spanning cloud to mainframe, it provides for superior user experiences, while speeding innovation and increasing IT efficiency.

To create apps that are self-healing, IT teams need systems that can automate problem recognition and the execution of multiple corresponding steps to fully remediate issues across complex hybrid IT environments.

AIOps is the use of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques for analyzing big data from various IT and business operations tools, to speed service delivery, increase IT efficiency and deliver a superior user experience.

AIOps enables a move away from siloed operations management and provides intelligent insights that drives automation and collaboration for continuous improvement. Since AIOps leverages big data, data analytics and machine learning to provide insight and enable a higher level of automation, no longer does IT Ops need to depend extensively on human operators for the management tasks that modern infrastructure and software require.

AIOps solutions ingest data from a variety of resources and then store and provide access to that data enabling advanced analytics at the point of ingestion and the point following the access of stored data.

CA Digital Experience Insights uses machine learning and complex pattern matching to automatically identify the root cause of common app performance issues such as limited computing capacity and Java memory errors.

Through a seamless connection to CA Automic Service Orchestration, this root cause identification automatically triggers a cascade of corresponding actions such as scaling up additional resource, initiating restarts or failing over to active resource. The end result is that many common performance issues can be remedied before they ever impact end users, often without any human intervention.

The CA AIOps platform features CA Digital Experience Insights that ingests structured and unstructured data from IT performance monitoring tools spanning mainframe to the cloud and any third-party source into a single, resilient data lake. It supports metric, alarm, log, topology, text and API data. The CA Digital Experience Insights combined with Automic Service Orchestration offers predictive analytics to help solve complex IT problems like performance and capacity. Configuration issues can be detected proactively (before they impact users) and remediated automatically.

Customers can also stream metric, event, log and topology data to and from any third-party monitoring, management, analytics, and visualization tools, including Splunk, IBM, Elastic, ServiceNow, Dynatrace, AppDynamics, SolarWinds, Puppet, Chef and Tableau. Built-in machine-learning-driven algorithms, dashboards, and integrations speed time to value for customers. The CA AIOps platform also integrates with a wide variety of CA solutions.

Built on top of CA Jarvis analytics engine that leverages open technologies such as Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, and Apache Spark, the solution scales and allows teams to more easily integrate with third-party business or IT data sources to further enrich the data set.

Unlike point monitoring and incident management tools, CA offers cross-tier correlated insights, enabled by AIOps, that provide IT Ops teams with streamlined insight into the state of the customer experience.

In a recent survey conducted by TechValidate, 76 percent of customers indicated that predicting probable future events, that may impact availability and performance, is the primary benefit of AIOps platforms.

“Speed, scale and customer experience define value in today’s digital economy, and AI-driven systems of intelligence that increase revenue and improve operations are critical to our customers’ digital transformation,” said Ashok Reddy, general manager of DevOps solutions at CA Technologies. “With the advent of nondeterministic, ‘self-driving’ apps, only CA can deliver the AI-driven analytics and machine learning required to autonomously predict and remediate incidents whereby transforming IT into a strategic competitive advantage.”

Understanding how underlying apps and infrastructure affect performance and having the availability and intelligence to predict and prevent future problems is critically important in this day and age. In TechValidate’s research, 82 percent of surveyed customers agreed that CA has the breadth and depth of monitoring expertise to deliver the cross-correlation of data from app to infra to network.

According to Gartner, “By 2023, 30 percent of large enterprises will be using artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platforms and digital experience monitoring (DEM) technology exclusively to monitor the non-legacy segments of their IT estates, up from 2 percent in 2018.” Furthermore, “by 2023, AIOps platforms will become the prime tool for analysis of monitoring data. Today’s domain-specific monitoring tools will become specialist, midlevel managers, who, while continuing to exist, will feed their important data into AIOps for consolidated, higher-level analysis.”

“Today’s customer wants everything done better, faster and cheaper and the CA AIOps platform helps us to do that,” says John O’Donnell, Vice President of Operations at IntelliNet. “With CA Operational Intelligence, we’re resolving problems faster, with the right resources, and in many cases avoiding issues altogether, making us a more competitive and attractive partner for new and existing customers.”


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