Lenovo collaborates with Scale Computing to solve edge infrastructure challenges for retailers

Lenovo and Scale Computing announced on Wednesday a global partnership and a new joint product providing a solution for edge infrastructure for global retailers, distributed enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. The alliance is ideal for highly distributed, on-premise environments, such as retail stores or bank branches, with multiple locations managed by the enterprise from a central location.

Lenovo’s range of servers combined with efficient, intelligent edge infrastructure software from Scale Computing deliver a simple, self-healing, highly-available platform for running applications at the edge or hybrid edge-and-cloud.

The Scale Computing HC3 Edge Platform on Lenovo Servers replaces traditional complex and expensive on-premise infrastructure with a modern solution optimized for environments where application uptime is critical, yet on-premise IT resources are highly limited.

Scale Computing and Lenovo have partnered to combine the proven feature set built into Scale Computing’s patented HC3 offering with reliability of Lenovo systems. The result is a hyperconverged solution designed to deliver simplicity, availability and scalability in an appliance form.

HC3 Software bring storage, servers, virtualization, and management together in a single, unified system. HC3 Software eliminates wasteful management tasks and allows IT administrators to focus on improving business processes. The simplicity of HC3 Software directly impacts IT with higher productivity and lower costs.

Based on simplicity of design, HC3 Software is inherently more stable and more highly available than traditional virtualization solutions. Redundancy, high availability, and resiliency are built into HC3 Software in every way, including built-in disaster recovery features like live migration, failover, backup, replication, and recovery. With HC3 Software, both planned and unplanned downtime can be virtually eliminated, creating more confidence with customers both internal and external.

One of the most challenging tasks for IT can be adding capacity to existing infrastructure. With HC3 Software, the simplicity of design and ease of use allow for seamless scaling of infrastructure. New appliances can be added into a running cluster seamlessly, within minutes, without disruption to any running workloads. Nodes with different compute resources and capacities can be used together in nearly any combination to scale out resources as needed.

This architecture future-proofs IT infrastructure allowing users to add newer, better, faster nodes into the infrastructure as they become available. With HC3, users can simply add capacity and performance as needed, without guessing or attempting to forecast for the unknown.

“In today’s global economy, businesses and governments are instrumenting the edge with ever greater intelligence, so the desire for reliable, scalable and agile edge infrastructure solutions continues to grow,” said Wilfredo Sotolongo, Vice President and General Manager of IoT at Lenovo Data Center Group. “Together with Scale Computing, Lenovo is addressing this market by providing edge infrastructure that has the capacity to run various IT and OT workloads, is space conscious and can be managed at each individual location by generalists. This reduces the time and budget spent managing technology and allows companies to focus more on growing their business and serving their customers.”

Among the growing customer base that have chosen the Lenovo and Scale Computing edge infrastructure solution for their IT needs is Ahold Delhaize, an international food retail group headquartered in Zaandam, Netherlands. The company operates supermarkets and e-commerce businesses across 35 brands, 6,600+ stores, 369,000+ employees and 11 countries, serving over 50 million customers each week.

With a large multi-national retail operation, Ahold Delhaize wanted to reduce time spent deploying and managing edge IT infrastructure and needed a solution that could host traditional and IoT applications on the same hardware. They chose the Lenovo-Scale solution and have deployed it in 800 stores in Belgium, with more planned in 2019.

“We extensively evaluated the market and wanted to take the time to ensure any new IT environment could effectively support our applications and future demands. We continually look to deliver exceptional customer service internationally and edge computing has a critical role to play in supporting this,” said Rolf Vanden Eynde, Head of Infrastructure innovation at Ahold Delhaize. “The Scale Computing HC3 software, in combination with Lenovo servers and switches, delivered the stability, support and simplicity we needed. The solution outclassed competition on total cost of ownership and simplicity.”

The new Lenovo/Scale Computing solution is currently available and installed in markets across the globe.


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