NetApp Data Fabric empowers enterprises to drive competitive advantage with AI; delivers simplicity for data services across edge, core, cloud

NetApp announced this week ONTAP 9.5, MAX Data, StorageGRID SG6060, NetApp Solution Support for FlexPod and Flash Performance Guarantee. These new data services and solutions further extend the NetApp Data Fabric across edge, core, and cloud and enable organizations to fully realize the promise of artificial intelligence.

NetApp ONTAP 9.5 software helps companies modernize their data services with solutions that deliver cloud integration, all-flash performance, and greater efficiency and simplicity.

NetApp ONTAP 9.5 software delivers enhanced versatility that offers high performance and consistent low latency, accelerating critical workloads with end-to-end NVMe capabilities; unifies data management across storage environments — flash, disk, and cloud; automates tiering of petabyte-scale datasets to object stores in the cloud or on the premises, and reduces deployment costs for multisite business continuity solutions.

It also accelerates read performance with cached data sets within a cluster and at remote sites, increases storage efficiency savings by up to 15 percent for relational database applications, and increases performance by auto-tiering data between AFF systems and NetApp MAX Data on servers.

MAX Data allows customers to turbo charge their application performance without rewrites to application code. MAX Data leverages persistent memory in servers to deliver memory-like ultra-low latency and flash-like capacity.

MAX Data accelerates performance of application-level data, enabling faster processing of data for AI applications and real-time data analytics; speeds application data recovery with data protection services for persistent memory in servers; improves efficiency by using fewer servers to achieve similar or better performance; while leveraging the data management capabilities of NetApp ONTAP.

NetApp provides data management capabilities and solution support to tap into growing data sources with virtually unlimited scalability and performance to feed, train, and operate data-hungry AI, machine learning, and deep learning applications.

NetApp StorageGRID SG6060 includes flash-accelerated object storage that addresses the needs of high-performance, high-concurrency workloads for IoT, big data analytics, and machine learning environments. It comes combined with ONTAP FabricPool capabilities to give customers data management capabilities while harnessing the value of object storage economics.

NetApp Solution Support for FlexPod offers single-point-of-contact support team with expertise across key components of the entire solution — storage, storage network, compute, compute OS, LAN networking and hypervisor. NetApp Solution Support also includes NetApp Converged System Advisor (CSA) software, which simplifies the customer’s operations and lifecycle management of FlexPod. The CSA superior monitoring and management with a single-pane view of the system’s health helps reduce time to resolution for support incidents.

“With the speed and volume of data now generated and managed across IoT devices and sensors, on-premises data centers, and in hybrid cloud environments, having a Data Fabric that spans edge, core, and cloud is essential to AI success,” said Joel Reich, EVP, Storage Systems & Software, NetApp. “With today’s new data services and solutions, integrated through the NetApp Data Fabric, organizations can accelerate data pipelines across an entire enterprise to train deep learning models and power AI applications with the simplicity, choice, and scale necessary to achieve real impact.”


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