FireMon updates its hybrid cloud security offerings with improved visibility and orchestration capabilities

FireMon announced on Thursday latest versions of the FireMon Security Manager and Lumeta Spectre platforms, which now deliver full visibility into enterprise attack surfaces and complete network anomaly detection across on-premises, virtual and cloud environments.

With this added functionality, FireMon, the company that pioneered Network Security Policy Management as a critical business function, further solidifies its position by enabling enterprises to automate and orchestrate security operations, so they are more agile and responsive to business requirements.

FireMon delivers continuous security for hybrid enterprises through a fusion of vulnerability management, compliance and orchestration. Since creating its network security policy management solution, FireMon has continued to deliver visibility into and control over complex network security infrastructures, policies and risk postures for nearly 1,700 global customers.

The FireMon enhancements help relieve this tension by giving security personnel new capabilities for understanding the enterprise attack surface and automating cloud security management.

The Lumeta Spectre 3.3.2 now extends end-to-end visibility required to discover and secure all IT assets to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure users. This functionality enables customers to expose and remediate hidden sources of risk and reduce their overall enterprise attack surface.

FireMon Security Manager 8.23 now meets the demands of agile businesses with optimized visibility to the major cloud platforms. With this update, FireMon provides visibility to all network security devices, both cloud and standard firewalls, for large enterprises that work within both types of security models.

The migration of enterprise application workloads to public cloud environments has rapidly changed the way in which hybrid enterprises do business, but these environments come with often unforeseen security considerations.

The lack of visibility and automation, the growing complexity of monitoring security controls and changes, and the need to maintain compliance spanning on-premises, virtual and multi-cloud environments, make it extremely difficult for security professionals to respond to business needs in a timely manner. This creates a tension between the business, which needs to innovate quickly with new applications and services, and stretched cybersecurity teams, who must ensure that these applications and services meet enterprise security requirements.

“Enterprises thrive on flexibility and scale. Our ability to deliver true ‘single pane of glass’ visibility and control to our customers is a strategic advantage that moves our customers significantly farther down the security maturity curve, across all assets, in all environments,” said FireMon President and CEO Satin H. Mirchandani. “We are positioned to deliver unmatched visibility, automation and orchestration capabilities for securing the hybrid enterprise – which, thanks to today’s next-gen cloud and virtualized architectures, is the new reality.”


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