Symantec acquires Appthority to provide protection from mobile application vulnerabilities; Javelin Networks to foil increasing number of Active Directory-based attacks

Symantec Corp. announced Monday its acquisition of Appthority, a privately held company that offers comprehensive Mobile Application Security Analysis. This technology gives Symantec customers the critical ability to analyze mobile apps for both malicious capabilities and unsafe and unwanted behaviors, such as vulnerabilities, risk of sensitive data loss, and privacy-invasive actions.

The acquisition of Appthority demonstrates Symantec’s continued commitment to securing modern (e.g. iOS, Android) endpoints and operating systems, as it brings innovation to its portfolio that addresses this vital security need. Starting Monday, the Appthority team and its technology becomes part of Symantec’s endpoint security business. The privately held company was founded in 2011 and has employees based around the world.

Last year, Symantec acquired Skycure, a Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) technology, which enabled the launch of Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile).

Appthority’s technology will be built into SEP Mobile, further enhancing Symantec’s ability to protect the broadest spectrum of modern endpoints and operating systems. This extends Symantec’s position in delivering comprehensive endpoint security solution available. With its Integrated Cyber Defense platform, Symantec now stands as the only company that offers solutions that can protect modern and traditional endpoints (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android) at the device, application, network, identity and cloud layers.

Symantec also announced its acquisition of Javelin Networks, furthering its commitment to endpoint innovation. Javelin Networks is a privately held company that offers advanced software to help enterprises defend against Active Directory-based attacks.

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) services have become an increasingly popular target for attackers, who use AD reconnaissance to discover the users, servers and computers in an enterprise network and then move laterally across the network using this information to carry out multi-stage attacks.

Recently, multiple major advanced persistent threat (APT) campaigns have used AD credentials to move laterally in the network beginning with a single compromised endpoint. This challenge is pervasive, as a large number of enterprises worldwide use AD services to manage their users, applications and computers.

“Mobile apps are a critical threat vector that every company must address to protect their enterprise security,” said Adi Sharabani, SVP, Modern OS Security. “The Appthority technology extends SEP Mobile’s capabilities in limiting unwanted app behaviors, supporting regulatory compliance, and assessing vulnerabilities.”

“Mobile users increase the enterprise attack surface with each app they install. This acquisition unites Appthority with Symantec’s comprehensive endpoint security portfolio, which is the first solution on the market that can protect all traditional and modern endpoints and now apps,” said Domingo J. Guerra, Appthority co-founder.

“Armed with Symantec’s industry-leading security research and tools, SEP Mobile integrated with Appthority technology is expected to deliver the most comprehensive Mobile Threat Defense solution, with enhanced app analysis capabilities, both in real-time and on-demand,” added Anne Bonaparte, Appthority CEO.

Prior to the acquisition, Appthority was a Symantec Ventures portfolio company. Symantec Ventures drives innovation in the Symantec ecosystem by investing in early stage cyber security startups that solve hard problems for enterprises and consumers.

The Appthority technology is a key addition to Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. This acquisition delivers on the promise of broader mobile security that combines the best of mobile app analysis and mobile threat defense to enhance overall security and workflow.

To counter those threats, Javelin Networks was founded by Red Team post-exploitation experts with a mission to protect every machine in the world connected to Active Directory. They developed software to protect AD and commonly-used domain resources, including domain controllers, domain identities, and domain credentials. Javelin Networks’ advanced technology can detect AD misconfigurations and backdoors and help prevent AD reconnaissance and credentials misuse by authorized devices and applications.

Starting Monday, the Javelin Networks team and its technology is part of Symantec’s endpoint security business. The privately held company was founded in 2014 and has employees based in Israel and the U.S.

“In the cloud generation, identity management services, such as Active Directory, are a critical part of a user’s interaction with their organization’s applications and services. They are also a critical information repository that attackers regularly exploit,” said Javed Hasan, senior vice president of endpoint and data center products, Symantec. “The addition of Javelin Networks technology to our industry-leading endpoint security portfolio gives Symantec customers a unique advantage in one of the most vulnerable and critical areas of IT infrastructure. Most importantly, it can help expose exploitable backdoors in AD and stop attacks at the point of breach while preventing lateral movement.”

This acquisition further strengthens the industry’s comprehensive endpoint security stack in a single-agent architecture. As one of four critical control points of the company’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) helps customers meet the challenges of the cloud generation by simplifying and optimizing their environments, helping to lower costs, and improving security.


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