Micron introduces secure NOR flash memory offering to accelerate and authenticate intelligence at the edge

Micron Technology has introduced its new MT25Q NOR flash enabled with Authenta technology, providing content and command authentication to protect device functionality at the silicon level. This provides additional defenses to add enhanced trustworthiness for IoT devices, seamlessly expanding security to otherwise unsecured intelligent devices.

High firmware integrity down to the lowest level of boot is critical today for connected devices used in a range of industries such as automotive, enterprise, industrial control and connected home. In addition to device security, Authenta technology allows new services such as secure over-the-air updates and additional services from edge silicon to cloud services.

As more devices, cars, homes and “things” are transformed by ubiquitous connectivity, the threat of cyberattacks continues to grow — especially with the rise of “always-on” internet connections.

The Authenta NOR flash trusted memory solution introduces a unique level of hardware-based security that enhances the integrity of the connected device itself, while extending protection to the software that runs on the device, starting with the boot process. Moreover, Authenta NOR flash can replace the standard serial NOR flash used pervasively in the industry, enabling a unified approach to managing device health, functionality and updatability.

With trusted identity embedded at the hardware level and secure boot capability, Authenta technology allows connected devices to be authenticated directly with a host or secure gateway — whether in the cloud, at the edge or on the device. Micron MT25Q NOR flash combines these security features in a NOR flash solution that meets stringent quality requirements for automotive memory components in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Micron MT25Q Authenta NOR Flash features SHA256 measurement accelerator with flexible user-defined settings; secure boot authentication; Trusted Computing Group’s (TCG) Device Identifier Composition Engine (DICE) architecture; attestable measurement values and automatic comparison with known good measurement; cryptographic command control; industrial and full automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 1 (-40°C to +125°C); x1, x2, and x4 multi-I/O serial peripheral interface (SPI) operation at clock frequencies up to 166 MHz; and comes in an industry-standard 5x6mm WDFN package in both 1.8V and 3V options.

“As manufacturers and enterprises increasingly accelerate the movement of intelligence to the edge of networks, cybersecurity concerns loom large, threatening profits and reputations,” said Kris Baxter, marketing vice president of Micron’s Embedded Business Unit. “With trust features embedded directly into the memory component, Authenta NOR flash provides a strong cryptographic fingerprint to authenticate devices, lock down code and further secure critical data — all while reducing costs and quickening time to market.”

“The MT25Q family of NOR memory is used to configure Xilinx Zynq SOC and FPGA-based solutions and can hold critical operational code and data,” said Dan Isaacs, director of automotive strategy and customer marketing at Xilinx. “Customers can now incorporate increased levels of security and device integrity in their systems, including enabling cloud-based services for secure over-the-air silicon functional updates. The combination of Xilinx adaptable technology with over-the-air silicon functional update capability and Micron’s Authenta technology provides a tremendous advantage to allow the secure use of flash memory critical to engine control units in cars today.”

The MT25Q Authenta NOR flash is sampling now, delivering system-level enhanced cybersecurity for a broad range of connected devices. Customers can use this generation of flash memory the same way they have used standard quad-SPI NOR flash memory in past designs.

All Authenta capabilities are powered by the upcoming Micron Key Management Service (KMS) that will enable a smooth hand-off of keys to customers or partners. Software development kits and partner solutions environments can be leveraged for additional resource savings and faster time to market.


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