Cohesity improves alliance with AWS; provides access to cloud-native application backups, disaster recovery, archiving capabilities

Cohesity announced Monday a variety of new offerings, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which empower customers to bring together cloud-native backups, full lifecycle disaster recovery, and long-term data retention on a single, easy-to-use platform.

Cohesity also revealed an increase in the number of customers utilizing solutions from AWS and Cohesity as more organizations embrace a more automated and scalable approach to hybrid cloud architecture.

Cohesity’s solutions running on AWS bring a new level of automation to cloud-based backup and recovery processes, leveraging Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshot APIs to protect cloud-native virtual machines (VMs). Cohesity DataProtect auto-discovery and auto-protect capabilities help ensure that backups scale automatically as cloud-based workloads are added or deleted, and empower administrators to set backup policies for different virtual machines (VMs) that automatically match different service level agreement (SLA) requirements. This can free up significant time and resources that administrators often spend backing up cloud-based VMs using a legacy approach.

Modern enterprises overwhelmingly recognize the value of leveraging cloud infrastructure together with on-premises resources to achieve new levels of efficiency and cost savings. A recent survey from IDG found that 73 percent of organizations have at least one application, or a portion of their computing infrastructure, in the cloud already, and that is expected to grow to 90 percent in 2019.1

“Cohesity is giving customers new ways to leverage AWS in support of a variety of secondary workloads,” said Lynn Lucas, chief marketing officer, Cohesity. “Cohesity is focused on helping customers address critical challenges tied to mass data fragmentation. Our deep relationship with AWS gives customers greater flexibility and agility while managing their critical infrastructure and data through a single user interface on a web-scale platform.”

Cohesity also is empowering customers to leverage AWS for full lifecycle disaster recovery with failover and failback capabilities. If customers encounter an outage in the data center, they can rely on automated policies to activate backup VMs on AWS and then bring the workloads back to the original location when the incident is over.

By adding automation at various steps of the disaster recovery lifecycle, Cohesity gives system administrators more flexibility in addressing critical disaster recovery situations.

As data center transformation continues to be front and center for most enterprises, the use of the cloud for disaster recovery is increasing. In order to enable a complete lifecycle solution, both failover and failback capabilities are essential to take on-premises VMs to the cloud and back; the workflow will be leveraged when disaster strikes. The Cohesity solution includes both failover and failback capabilities and leverages capabilities such as CloudSpin to help in the conversion and movement of VMs to AWS formats, and vice-versa.

Cohesity also announced support for AWS Snowball, a petabyte-scale data transport solution that makes it easy to transfer large amounts of data into and out of AWS. Customers can now use the Cohesity interface to create a policy-based protection task and subsequently archive data to AWS Snowball for an easy and cost-effective way to handle data migration.

AWS Snowball is a data transfer appliance intended to transfer large amounts of data to AWS and seed the archival process. This is especially crucial as transferring large amounts of data over the network can be a challenge. With the integration of AWS Snowball with Cohesity, user can start by protecting their data with Cohesity, and then seed the initial archival of data onto AWS Snowball. This ensures the protection of data and provides a simple and secure way of getting data into AWS.

Adoption of Cohesity’s solutions running AWS has risen dramatically as the two companies continue to build on their existing relationship. The number of Cohesity customers that added integrations with AWS tripled in the second half of the most recent fiscal year (which ended July 30), compared to the first half of the fiscal year.

Cohesity now has numerous customers leveraging AWS, including Air Bud Entertainment, LendingClub, the San Francisco Giants, and other marquee clients. Even more striking is that the total petabytes of AWS cloud consumption on Cohesity’s platform has grown by a factor of 17 since last December.

“As you might imagine for a film production company, Air Bud has doubled the number of files we generate on a daily basis over the last several years, and we are required to save millions and millions of files for an indefinite period of time,” said Tyson Clark, technical director, Air Bud Entertainment. “Cohesity was the next-gen secondary data solution we needed to move us forward, and leveraging Cohesity’s solution running on AWS allows for automated and secure backup and full lifecycle disaster recovery on the cloud. With Cohesity, we now have one platform that gives us the ability to easily search and recover data, keeping our production schedules on track and saving time and expense for Air Bud Entertainment.”


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