By implementing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, IT can simplify deployment, reduce the strain in client support and provide access to analytics and intelligence about usage. Migrating to Windows 10: Just Drag and Drop with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
More than 50 percent of companies are now incorporating nonvolatile memory, which is one of the reasons data storage is fast becoming the new IT celebrity. Data Storage – Five Reasons Why It’s the New Celebrity
We need to stop prolonging the inevitable and take steps toward migrating towards Windows 10. Don’t Prolong the Inevitable: Considerations for Migrating to Windows 10
What the world needs to improve in network security is to reverse the natural sequence of TCP/IP. Software Defined Perimeter: The Secret Service of TCP/IP Networks
If you’re keen on strengthening your Microsoft partnership and learning more about growing your business, then WPC is an event you’ll need to attend. Five Things Partners Can Expect to Learn at Microsoft WPC 2016
SAS has become the robust choice for dual-port and multipath solutions, satisfying user need for storage continuity options in the data center. Robust Dual-Port and Multipath for High Availability and Efficient Sharing
Before heading off on summer vacation, IT workers “feel the heat” of just how valuable their services are, especially because within many companies, this department is traditionally understaffed and security resources are often constrained. How to Stay Cyber Secure During the Summer Slowdown


I am pleased to have an opportunity to share my thoughts on the importance of securing the digital identification and data of individuals, the enterpise, medical servivces, and finicial transactions in our rapidly growing mobile world....

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Spectra Logic reinforces hybrid cloud offering with open source Cyberduck integration

Spectra Logic announced on Wednesday certification of the Cyberduck open source client software tool with its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway. The Cyberduck universal file and object storage management tool combined with Spectra BlackPearl enables fast file transfers between primary storage, local tape and disk-based private clouds, or to any public cloud provider. Spectra BlackPearl integration with Cyberduck open source tool enables unlimited choice in public cloud storage and private cloud […]


IBM strengthens CSC alliance by adopting IBM Cloud for z to enable clients’ move to cloud

IBM and CSC joined together on Tuesday in an alliance that will have IBM provide its Cloud Managed Services for z Systems — IBM Cloud for z — and associated mainframe hardware, software, monitoring and governance support to CSC clients who are moving to the cloud and want a more secure, scalable, flexible information technology infrastructure at reduced operational costs. IBM Cloud Managed Services for z Systems provides resilient IBM […]

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Virtuozzo debuts hyper-converged offering based on open source technology and optimized KVM

Virtuozzo announced on Monday general availability of Virtuozzo 7. With this new version, the platform ushers in a new level of portability, reliability, and performance, especially for customers in large data center environments where vendor flexibility, as well as low latency, is critical. Virtuozzo 7 includes optimized KVM with rebuilt hypervisor core on top of open-source KVM resulting in better density, performance and security; rebootless kernel updates with ReadyKernel with […]

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SiloStor without cover

JMR Electronics’ SiloStor NVMe solid state drive plug-in card now available

Scalable storage company JMR Electronics announced Thursday the general availability of their latest SSD plug-in offering, SiloStor. The new SiloStor is a unique NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD plug-in card which is a full-length, half-height PCIe 3.0 x8 drive that adds 2TB or more of high-availability, high performance solid stage storage to any server, computer or workstation using the latest flash NAND technology. The card occupies a x8 PCIe slot […]

Data Storage

Mangstor launches NX-Series, its line of NVMeoF-compliant storage arrays

Mangstor Inc., developer of high performance next generation non-volatile memory storage solutions, announced this week that its line of NX-Series Storage Arrays are the first to comply with the newly released NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeoF) specification developed by the NVM Express consortium. Mangstor is a founding member of the consortium’s NVMeoF committee and was an active participant in the ratification of the new standard. The NVMe over Fabrics specification was […]

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Red Hat debuts Ansible Tower 3 with improved capabilities for scaling IT automation across enterprises

Red Hat announced Wednesday general availability of Ansible Tower 3, its enterprise-grade agentless automation platform. Ansible Tower 3 by Red Hat gives teams the power to scale automation across the enterprise including streamlined interface, more notifications, and explicit permissioning. Ansible Tower empowers users to extend their automation solutions to their entire team, so they can build, share and scale automation cross-functionally and consistently as they build out their DevOps capabilities. […]

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