Promisingly, security features and protections in the major public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and GCP) have come a long way. Managing Cloud Infrastructure to Prevent Security Gaps
Perhaps the most obvious advantage of VM-based solutions is that multiple VM tenants can execute code on the same physical hardware. Challenges of Using Virtual Machines As Cloud Storage
The WADJET system is a real advance over other systems – it allows you to easily identify problems in a large, complex network without having to click through a long set of pop-ups from a dashboard, or parse a long list of events. A Deep-Dive Review of the WADJET System
Every day, more than four million data records are lost or stolen and this year alone, we have seen it surpass the one billion mark. Secure the Breach
Check out the steps data center operators can take to bridge IT and facility needs to optimize the physical infrastructure for SDDCs. Is Your Data Center Ready for SDDC?
Today’s virtualization specialists who want to be successful must pursue every opportunity to better understand all parts of the infrastructure stack and how they are impacted by the growing hybrid IT strategy. Becoming the Virtualization Admin of Tomorrow
A surprising 50 percent of IT managers typically chose to upgrade under-performing and aging computers. Simple Tips When Deciding Whether to Upgrade or Replace Your Computers


I am pleased to have an opportunity to share my thoughts on the importance of securing the digital identification and data of individuals, the enterpise, medical servivces, and finicial transactions in our rapidly growing mobile world....

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IT Security

Imperva FlexProtect joins SecureSphere to ease security for hybrid cloud application deployments

Imperva Inc. announced on Wednesday Imperva FlexProtect to give customers access to both Imperva SecureSphere and Imperva Incapsula within a single subscription agreement. By providing the flexibility to deploy Imperva web application firewall (WAF) solutions based on need, the subscription helps organizations simplify the protection of enterprise applications as they migrate their portfolios from on-premises data centers to the cloud. To help monitor hybrid deployments, Imperva also announced a new […]


IBM debuts Bluemix Container Service with Kubernetes for secure, development of cognitive apps

IBM announced on Monday a new container service on Bluemix, its cloud platform, to fuel the speed and simplicity at which developers can build and manage more secure and cognitive apps. Available on IBM Cloud, this service uses Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration system leveraging a Docker engine. Delivered with a user-centric experience, IBM Bluemix Container Service automatically provisions, updates and monitors the containers that developers use to create apps, […]

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IBM and Red Hat cooperate to boost hybrid cloud adoption with OpenStack

IBM collaborated on Monday with Red Hat to help enterprises benefit from the OpenStack platform’s speed and economics while extending their existing Red Hat virtualized and cloud workloads to the IBM Private Cloud. As part of the agreement, Red Hat Cloud Access will be available for IBM Cloud by the end of the second quarter of this year, allowing Red Hat customers to move eligible, unused Red Hat Enterprise Linux […]

Data Backup

QTS boosts cloud-based DRaaS capabilities with Zerto Virtual Replication Version 5.0

QTS Realty Trust enhanced on Tuesday its cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capabilities and solutions for midsize enterprises and government organizations. DRaaS is a rapidly growing market opportunity and an IT service typically delivered as part of a hybrid IT solution. Featuring Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) version 5.0 BC/DR software, QTS’ enhanced DRaaS protects mission critical workloads and applications to improve IT resiliency. QTS’ DRaaS is hypervisor agnostic […]

Data Storage

Netgear debuts high density 10GbE single-node network storage offering for SMBs

Netgear launched Monday its ReadyNAS 4U 60-bay 10GbE Rackmount Network Storage (RR4360X), the highest density rackmount network storage system for SMBs. With three EDA4000 expansion chassis, the ReadyNAS 4360X offers 1.32 petabytes (PB) of data storage on 10 terabyte (TB) enterprise hard disk drives. The new ReadyNAS 4360X is ideally suited for businesses that have ultra-large storage capacity needs and demand high levels of data reliability and security. It is […]

Data Protection

Fidelis Cybersecurity aligns with A10 Networks to provide deep visibility into encrypted traffic to prevent intrusions

Intrusion prevention company Fidelis Cybersecurity is joining forces with A10 Networks, a secure application services company. A10 lets customers gain visibility into encrypted traffic and Fidelis uses its deep session inspection to discover and prevent the advanced tactics used by adversaries – such as exploits and malware embedded in content – that other solutions miss. A10 Networks’ Thunder SSLi products enable organizations to analyze all data, including encrypted data, by […]

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