Disruption of critical public services or data compromise can cost people their privacy, their livelihoods and sometimes even their lives. What IT security threats do enterprises have to deal with today? Large Organizations Not Yet Able to Secure their Complex IT Environments
With more than 75% of enterprise security breaches due to external threat actors, how can organizations apply intelligence and automation to augment digital defenses? The State of Digital Defense
Be aware that all public cloud providers are not alike. The Critical First Steps Towards Leveraging the Public Cloud to Meet Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Compliance Regulations
Fixing bottleneck issues is crucial and requires first identifying the underperforming component. Five Common Application Bottlenecks and Recommended Resolutions
Data virtualization is fast emerging as an architectural approach to quickly gain control over sensitive customer information stored across multiple systems. Protected by Design - How Data Virtualization Can Reduce Data Privacy Risk
Promisingly, security features and protections in the major public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and GCP) have come a long way. Managing Cloud Infrastructure to Prevent Security Gaps
Perhaps the most obvious advantage of VM-based solutions is that multiple VM tenants can execute code on the same physical hardware. Challenges of Using Virtual Machines As Cloud Storage


I am pleased to have an opportunity to share my thoughts on the importance of securing the digital identification and data of individuals, the enterpise, medical servivces, and finicial transactions in our rapidly growing mobile world....

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IT Security

Aparavi Active Archive certified interoperable with IBM Cloud; joins IBM Partner Program as registered business partner

Aparavi, a Silicon Beach startup in SaaS-based solutions, announced on Thursday that the IBM Cloud has passed a stringent set of test cases necessary to fulfill the requirements for interoperability certification with its Active Archive Platform to empower users with fine grain control and the ability to dynamically discover, index, classify and prune unstructured data while ensuring long term retention. Certified as part of the Aparavi Certified Cloud Destinations Program, […]


Embotics vCommander v7 improves integrated cloud governance capabilities while boosting speed required by DevOps teams

Hybrid cloud automation and orchestration company Embotics released on Tuesday new version of its vCommander platform. In its new release, Embotics vCommander v7 delivers next-generation hybrid cloud management software built for automation, orchestration and governance of both traditional and new microservice-based applications while facilitating DevOps. vCommander v7 ushers in the next-generation of hybrid cloud management, bridging the gap between traditional IT concerns such as governance, compliance and policy-based management with […]

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Rubrik Alta 4.2 extends position in enterprise hybrid cloud segment; offers AWS EC2-native backup to protect cloud workloads

Rubrik released on Wednesday Alta 4.2, its latest advancement in its cloud data management platform. With Alta 4.2, Rubrik reinforces its position as a single control plane for the enterprise hybrid cloud, with further support for private cloud, public cloud, and traditional data center workloads. Rubrik users now have the ability to protect a broad set of cloud-native AWS EC2 workloads and traditional enterprise platforms like AIX and Solaris with […]

Data Backup

InfluxData introduces “Metrics First” approach to log analysis enhancing observability; enabling quicker problem resolution

InfluxData released on Thursday new capabilities targeted at speeding the visualization and analysis of structured application and system events captured via log files. Now by correlating business, server and application metrics with structured logs, InfluxData provides faster and more precise problem investigation and root-cause analysis capabilities. This release expands the functionality of the InfluxData platform with support for high-speed parsing and ingestion using the syslog protocol, custom log parsing, and […]

Data Storage

Infortrend GS 5000 based on Intel’s Xeon E5 8-core processor to boost performance and efficiency for data centers

Infortrend Technology announced this week its EonStor GS 5000, a high performance storage system designed for data centers that comes loaded with Intel’s Xeon E5 8-core processor and features a powerful throughput performance of 22 GB/s. With support of 4 independent expansion slots connecting to a maximum of 1680 drives (more than 20 PB), 16 expansion host boards for maximum connectivity of 64 x 16Gb/s Fiber Channel, and up to […]

Data Protection

Bitdefender GravityZone workload security platform integrated with Nutanix AHV to offer operational efficiency through security automation

Bitdefender, a cybersecurity technology company, announced Thursday the integration of its GravityZone cloud workload protection platform with AHV, Nutanix’s native hypervisor, and the availability of the GravityZone Nutanix Marketplace blueprint. The GravityZone integration with AHV simplifies security administration for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud workloads. GravityZone communicates with AHV to obtain up-to-date virtual-machine (VM) inventory and cluster hierarchy as well as real-time data on VM instantiation, termination and movement. GravityZone uses this […]

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