Disruption of critical public services or data compromise can cost people their privacy, their livelihoods and sometimes even their lives. What IT security threats do enterprises have to deal with today? Large Organizations Not Yet Able to Secure their Complex IT Environments
With more than 75% of enterprise security breaches due to external threat actors, how can organizations apply intelligence and automation to augment digital defenses? The State of Digital Defense
Be aware that all public cloud providers are not alike. The Critical First Steps Towards Leveraging the Public Cloud to Meet Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Compliance Regulations
Fixing bottleneck issues is crucial and requires first identifying the underperforming component. Five Common Application Bottlenecks and Recommended Resolutions
Data virtualization is fast emerging as an architectural approach to quickly gain control over sensitive customer information stored across multiple systems. Protected by Design - How Data Virtualization Can Reduce Data Privacy Risk
Promisingly, security features and protections in the major public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and GCP) have come a long way. Managing Cloud Infrastructure to Prevent Security Gaps
Perhaps the most obvious advantage of VM-based solutions is that multiple VM tenants can execute code on the same physical hardware. Challenges of Using Virtual Machines As Cloud Storage


I am pleased to have an opportunity to share my thoughts on the importance of securing the digital identification and data of individuals, the enterpise, medical servivces, and finicial transactions in our rapidly growing mobile world....

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IT Security

Apricorn enhances its Aegis Padlock SSD line to include 1TB and 2TB capacities, Aegis Configurator compatibility

Apricorn, manufacturer of software-free, 256-bit AES XTS hardware-encrypted USB drives, announced this week release of the 1TB and 2TB versions of the Aegis Padlock SSD portable drives. Like all Apricorn secure drives, these new models are completely software-free, Aegis Configurator compatible, and cross-platform compatible including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and Chrome. Apricorn’s software-free approach ensures that 100 percent of the data is hardware-encrypted, and 100 percent of the authentication process […]


SAP debuts business integrity screening offering to decrease risks in financial transactions

SAP SE introduced on Tuesday SAP Business Integrity Screening, an application that helps reduce financial risk within business transactions. It analyzes data for suspicious transactions and patterns in real time to spot exceptions, potential fraud and compliance failures. This automation results in major efficiency gains and cost savings. The flexible platform, powered by SAP HANA, allows organizations to address compliance assurance across a broad range of scenarios by detecting anomalous […]

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Cygilant debuts initial integrated subscription service for automated and auditable vulnerability and patch management

Cygilant, provider of hybrid security as a service solutions, launched on Tuesday SOCVue Vulnerability and Patch Management (VPM), a new subscription service that unifies vulnerability and patch management into a single offering. SOCVue VPM automates the process of detection, prioritization, and patching of vulnerabilities with an auditable change management workflow to continually reduce the attack surface and improve protection against cyberattacks in a cost-effective manner. Cygilant VPM service reduces attack […]

Data Backup

ExaGrid, Comtrade Software integrate on hyper-converged backup storage offering for virtualized environments

ExaGrid, provider of hyper-converged secondary storage for backup, and Comtrade Software, developer of HYCU, an application data protection – have partnered to offer a backup-application-to-backup-storage offering purpose-built for virtualized environments. Comtrade Software’s HYCU and ExaGrid’s scalable disk-based backup appliance together provide an elegant and end-to-end data protection solution for IT data centers. ExaGrid complements HYCU with its approach to backup storage that includes a unique landing zone to deliver the […]

Data Storage

Rambus signs license agreement with Gemalto to DPA countermeasures portfolio; protect against side-channel attacks

Rambus Inc. announced on Wednesday that it has signed a patent license agreement with Gemalto, a global leader in digital security. The agreement covers the use of Rambus patents covering Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures, which protect devices and integrated circuits against DPA and other related side-channel attacks. Specific terms of the agreement are confidential. DPA is a form of side-channel attack that monitors variations in the electrical power consumption […]

Data Protection

Scram Software debuts Scram FS Encryption system to protect cloud data; ensure stringent HIPPA and GDPR requirements

Scram Software, a cyber-security software development company, announced Wednesday that ScramFS – an internationally peer-reviewed encryption system for safeguarding cloud data – is now available globally to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), government and not-for-profit organizations, enabling fast and easy encryption of sensitive data to reduce breaches and assist in ensuring legal, HIPAA and GDPR compliance. ScramFS is a software layer that encrypts data as it gets saved to storage, […]

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