Be aware that all public cloud providers are not alike. The Critical First Steps Towards Leveraging the Public Cloud to Meet Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Compliance Regulations
Fixing bottleneck issues is crucial and requires first identifying the underperforming component. Five Common Application Bottlenecks and Recommended Resolutions
Data virtualization is fast emerging as an architectural approach to quickly gain control over sensitive customer information stored across multiple systems. Protected by Design - How Data Virtualization Can Reduce Data Privacy Risk
Promisingly, security features and protections in the major public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and GCP) have come a long way. Managing Cloud Infrastructure to Prevent Security Gaps
Perhaps the most obvious advantage of VM-based solutions is that multiple VM tenants can execute code on the same physical hardware. Challenges of Using Virtual Machines As Cloud Storage
The WADJET system is a real advance over other systems – it allows you to easily identify problems in a large, complex network without having to click through a long set of pop-ups from a dashboard, or parse a long list of events. A Deep-Dive Review of the WADJET System
Every day, more than four million data records are lost or stolen and this year alone, we have seen it surpass the one billion mark. Secure the Breach


I am pleased to have an opportunity to share my thoughts on the importance of securing the digital identification and data of individuals, the enterpise, medical servivces, and finicial transactions in our rapidly growing mobile world....

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IT Security

eG Innovations enhances converged application, infrastructure performance monitoring offering

eG Innovations, an IT performance management software provider, announced Thursday upcoming release of eG Enterprise 6.3, which introduces full-stack performance monitoring and diagnostic support for Microsoft .NET packaged and custom applications. Building on eG Enterprise’s Java application performance monitoring technology, the new version fully supports cross-technology organizations, and offers unified and auto-correlated visibility into Java and .NET application delivery, including the supporting cloud, physical or hybrid infrastructure, from a single […]


Arista unveils Any Cloud Platform for hybrid cloud networking; supports AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

Arista Networks announced Wednesday Arista Any Cloud software platform, reducing operational costs and complexity for enterprises by simplifying integration and management of hybrid clouds across private cloud datacenters and public cloud providers. The virtualized offering, Arista vEOS Router, combined with CloudVision and new Cloud Tracer functionality, provides consistent operations, orchestration, security and telemetry across multi-cloud environments. The Arista Any Cloud platform is designed to support any public or hybrid cloud […]

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Red Hat’s Patent Promise covers permissively-licensed code, offering broad protection for open innovation

Red Hat announced on Thursday a significant revision of its Patent Promise, helping to protect open innovation. That promise, originating in 2002, was based on Red Hat’s intention not to enforce its patents against free and open source software. The expanded Patent Promise, while consistent with Red Hat’s prior positions, breaks new ground in expanding the amount of software covered and otherwise clarifying the scope of the promise. Red Hat […]

Data Backup

Fortanix debuts commercially available runtime encryption using Intel SGX to protect sensitive data during runtime

Fortanix Inc. announced Thursday its initial commercially available Runtime Encryption solution using Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) to best protect private data even during runtime. Now organizations can leverage a Runtime Encryption environment where they can run their most sensitive applications with complete and deterministic privacy, as data remains encrypted and completely protected from cloud providers, system administrators, insiders, government subpoena, and network hackers. In conjunction with this first Intel […]

Data Storage

NetApp introduces new flash and hybrid flash systems, software, Splunk solution

NetApp announced on Tuesday its EF570 all-flash array and E5700 hybrid flash systems. These NetApp systems provide ideal price/performance for both IOPS and MB/s, and they are initial NVMe-enabled enterprise class systems available in the market. In addition, a new NetApp converged infrastructure solution for data analytics was announced, as well as new and enhanced SANtricity software. The systems provide extreme performance of about one million IOPS and 21GBps throughput, […]

Data Protection

Toshiba Storage unveils lineup of stepping motor driver ICs with anti-stall feedback architecture

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (TDSC) announced the addition of two stepping motor drivers, 4.5A “TB67S249FTG” and 2A “TB67S279FTG,” to its line-up of stepping motor drivers with innovative anti-stall feedback architecture, which realizes highly efficient motor control. The products follow “TB67S289FTG,” the first stepping motor to incorporate original anti-stall active gain control (AGC). TB67S249FTG supports a large drive current of 4.5A, 1.5 times that of TB67S289FTG. TB67S279FTG, with a […]

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