Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the only way to prevent an organization’s mobile workforce from falling prey to the latest schemes and malware attacks. Four Ways Mobile Device Management Can Protect Your Mobile Workforce from Ransomware Attacks
If each news-grabbing data breach headline is a wake-up call, then most companies are in a deep asleep. Cyber Security State of the Union – Are We Better Off?
It is a matter of when— not if—a material file data leakage incident will occur in your organization. Combating File Sharing Data Leakage: Part Two
Runtime application self-protection, or RASP, a term coined by research firm Gartner, Inc., is the cyber equivalent of seat belts. Drivetime vs. Runtime: Applying Motor Vehicle Safety to Application Security
The threat of file data leakage and actual incidents not only adds reputation risk but introduces compliance liabilities ranging from fines and loss of business transactions to possible imprisonment. Combating File Sharing Data Leakage
The use cases for tape storage span from active archives, tape as NAS, storage tiering, and tape in the cloud. Plot Twist: Tape Never Went Away
A look at the steps companies can take to mitigate dark data. Combining People and Technology To Illuminate Dark Data


I am pleased to have an opportunity to share my thoughts on the importance of securing the digital identification and data of individuals, the enterpise, medical servivces, and finicial transactions in our rapidly growing mobile world....

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IT Security

Mellanox debuts Innova IPsec 10/40G Ethernet Adapters to provide advanced network capabilities, cryptography functions

Mellanox Technologies announced Wednesday availability of its new Innova IPsec Ethernet adapter. The Innova IPsec network adapters offload and accelerate security protocols and advanced network functions, enabling the ubiquitous use of encryption across the data center with low CPU utilization and without compromising application performance. The Innova adapters deliver seamless encryption for every server port by combining the network adapter function together with the crypto protocol offload in a single […]

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New SUSE program focuses on enterprise Linux, software-defined storage, OpenStack cloud for channel partners

SUSE announced Tuesday advancements that make it easier for channel partners to address the key needs of their customers with the introduction of a new SUSE channel partner program. Partners that resell open source enterprise technology from SUSE will benefit from new, improved training and certification pathways along with enhanced profitability structures that recognize and reward partners’ engagement with SUSE. The program focuses on four SUSE solution areas for channel […]

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HPE joins with Samsung to boost carriers’ transformation to the telecommunications cloud

Samsung Electronics and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced Wednesday a partnership that will provide carriers with integrated network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure and virtual network functions (VNF) solutions. This kind of collaboration is critical to both carriers and customers increasingly looking to implement pre-tested and integrated multi-vendor solutions based on an open architecture. The partnership merges Samsung’s carrier network and HPE’s IT telecommunications capabilities. Together, the solutions will help carriers […]

Data Backup

Datadog unveils Application Performance Monitoring offering to boost visibility into cloud environments

Datadog released Wednesday a new Application Performance Monitoring (APM) extension to its platform that extends the company’s cloud monitoring platform to quickly identify code-level issues. This offering has been specifically built to help devops teams troubleshoot issues in complex, distributed applications that use hybrid clouds, microservices or containers. Datadog’s APM solution supports a variety of use cases, including performance optimization and outage diagnosis to reduce the impact of costly downtime […]

Data Storage

Splice Machine introduces native PL/SQL support to boost migrations from Oracle to Hadoop

Splice Machine, provider of the open-source SQL RDBMS, announced Tuesday at Strata + Hadoop World that it now supports native PL/SQL on Splice Machine. PL/SQL support reduces the time and cost for companies to offload their big data workloads from Oracle databases. It is available immediately through the Splice Machine Enterprise Edition. Companies are dealing with an exponential growth of data, and a constant demand for new applications that deliver […]

Data Protection

Red Hat launches Ansible Tower App for Splunk; boosts intelligence and automation enhancements

Open source vendor Red Hat announced on Monday the availability of the Ansible Tower App for Splunk, an application that integrates Ansible Tower by Red Hat with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. The application brings the power and variety of Splunk analytics queries to Ansible Tower automation, and enables Ansible Tower and Splunk customers to view rich Ansible automation data in Splunk solutions where it can be correlated with other […]

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