About CTR

Founded in 1981, WestWorld Productions, Inc. is the publisher of one of the most respected editorial authorities in the computer storage industry, Computer Technology Review (CTR) . CTR was the first storage publication to have a Web presence. Today, the CTR Web site has a very loyal following and is one of the largest sites devoted to data storage and data management. Other online publications include IT Security Journal.

Except for specialty printed publications throughout the year, CTR is entirely online. Speciaty print titles published by WestWorld Productions, Inc., include Computer Technology Review, Storage Inc., Storage Management Solutions, Storage & Entertainment, Storage & Government, Storage & Security, Storage & Energy, Storage & Telecom, Storage & Life Cycle Sciences, Storage & Remote Office, Storage & SMBs, Storage & Financial Services, and Storage & Healthcare.

Linking Policy

Linking to any of our online publications is free. We do not require specific permission to link. We ask that you reference the publication either by name or by use of the logo. If you use our logo, do not modify it in any way.

You may also use the first paragraph of the article to introduce the piece to your visitors. Use our search engine to find other relevant articles for your visitors.

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