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Cloudian HyperStore software (version 6.0, released in May 2016) makes it easy for enterprises to build fully featured and S3 compliant cloud object storage by ensuring unlimited scalability, multi-data center storage, fully automated data tiering to the public cloud and support for all S3 applications. HyperStore 6.0 simplifies and automates the operational management of cloud storage by incorporating system scalable management features to meet the requirements of multi-region storage deployments – significantly reducing management costs and administrative burden. It lets customers independently store and access their data where they want, when they want it. HyperStore is available as either stand-alone software or fully integrated with Cloudian HyperStore appliances, with both deployment vehicles offering seamless all-feature integration.

There are many attributes of HyperStore that set it apart from other storage solutions:

1. Hybrid Cloud – Cloudian HyperStore (version 6.0, released in May 2016) is the only hybrid cloud software solution to offer 100 percent S3 compatibility. While other solutions claim full support, only HyperStore integrates seamlessly with the Amazon S3 public cloud and all other S3-compatible clouds by offering a fully-S3 compliant native RESTful API. This allows HyperStore 6.0 to deliver optional data tiering from on-premises physical storage to off-premises cloud storage for near infinite capacity scaling. Unlike Cloudian’s system, others must translate data between their own native RESTful API and S3 in order to support it. While the public cloud holds promise as a possible repository for long-term data, many enterprise companies stop short of employing it because of security concerns. HyperStore solves the security problem by storing all hybrid cloud data tiering on-premises, securing it behind the customer’s firewall.

2.  Automated Storage Operations and Management @Scale – Cloudian HyperStore 6.0 reinvents the traditional scalable object storage system by offering unmatched automated scalability features, minimizing downtime and customers’ management responsibilities:
• Durability @Scale: HyperStore 6.0 bolsters data durability by automatically evaluating data integrity – even data at rest – to ensure that data is verified and storage within the system is always repaired as needed. When the system identifies a data failure, it proactively repairs and rebuilds it. Version 6.0 enables both local cache replication for data protection and Amazon S3 cross-region replication for regulatory compliance and disaster recovery.
• Operations @Scale: HyperStore 6.0 offers an entirely new operations console that provides an instant 360-degree view into storage system, greatly increasing visibility of key data. This upgraded system enables storage administrators to view and manage hundreds of nodes across multiple data centers and cloud environments in a single screen, while automating such operations by adding and removing nodes with a simple configuration of an IP address. Users can then click on the displayed data representations to access detailed information and take action directly from the interface screen.
• Tuning @Scale: HyperStore 6.0 optimizes its infrastructure to simplify system tuning – ensuring the highest level of system health and data protection. The system also locates object parts using a new “Object GPS” functionality that tracks data distribution with high granularity across nodes, racks and data centers around the world, achieving a leading industry standard of data management capacity.

Amita Potnis, a senior research analyst, storage systems at IDC, validated HyperStore’s unique management offerings:

“When you’re dealing with petabytes of data, your storage management requirements grow as your data grow. Many end-users are experiencing this first hand, and it’s now a necessity to automate storage operations at scale. With HyperStore 6.0, enterprises gain durability and automated operational management at scale to simplify and reduce their operating cost.”

3. Smart Data – Cloudian HyperStore is at the forefront of the storage world’s big data to smart data transition with analytics at its foundation. With the ability to run Hadoop directly on Cloudian HyperStore, enterprises gain invaluable business advantages in terms of scalability, efficiency and cost savings as they move closer to fully realizing the potential of the Internet of Things. HyperStore hybrid cloud software uniquely features in-place analytics, which enables customers to quickly and efficiently derive meaningful business intelligence from their data in real time. In a current application of HyperStore’s smart data capabilities, the software’s deep learning AI is being used to identify thousands of vehicle makes and models in the world’s first smart, roadside advertising system with real time vehicle targeting. This groundbreaking functionality was reported by Matt McFarland of CNN:

“The two companies ran a pilot test in Japan earlier this year and said they were able to recognize the make, model and year of cars with 94% accuracy. To become so accurate, the companies trained a computer system by showing it hundreds of thousands of vehicle images taken from used car websites. As Dentsu and Cloudian’s computers saw more and more images of a specific type of automobile — averaging about 4,000 per car — the system learned to recognize the features that distinguish a given type of car. This process relied on a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning, in which machines recognize patterns in huge piles of data.”

4. Partnership Appeal – HyperStore 6.0 has gained significant traction in the cloud storage industry since its release in May 2016. With its management-reducing automated features, the system integrates seamlessly into high-end enterprise storage appliances. In June 2016, HyperStore 6.0 was selected by industry leader Lenovo Hardware to power its newest appliance, StorSelect DX8200C, and quickly proved to be a key contributor to its success. Lenovo’s easy-to-deploy appliance, combined with Cloudian’s fully S3 compatible, scalable and multi-tenancy object storage software has made it simple for businesses to not only store their traditional proprietary data, but transform it into valuable business intelligence with smart data capabilities. This large-scale partnership positioned HyperStore 6.0 as an object storage leader and speaks to its extensive reach and appeal across the cloud storage industry. HyperStore’s appliance integration flexibility was applauded by David Lincoln, general manager, Storage Business Unit, Data Center Group at Lenovo:

“Software-defined storage is vital in creating unfettered scale for next generation data centers. The Cloudian HyperStore solution enables us to deliver leading innovative, software-defined object storage capabilities to enterprises and service providers worldwide.”

5. Undeniable TCO advantages with software and appliances – You can deploy Cloudian HyperStore as software to be implemented atop your existing storage infrastructure, or as a rack-ready appliance. HyperStore appliances combine the installation simplicity, easy operational management and product support benefits associated with traditional storage arrays with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of software-only storage to uniquely deliver the best of both worlds. At $.01/GB/month, HyperStore is a compellingly cost-effective alternative to monolithic storage arrays and traditional public cloud storage.

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