Editorial Calendar

Computer Technology Review Editorial Calendar: March – December 2016



MARCH: DevSecOps: The inevitable merging of security and DevOps teams

APRIL: The Internet of Things (IoT) complicates things

MAY: Open source software becoming openly vulnerable?

JUNE: Malware targets the cloud

JULY: The importance of threat intelligence budgeting

AUGUST: When 2-factor authentication is not enough: Exploring biometrics and multi-factor authentication

SEPTEMBER: Eradicating ransomware

OCTOBER: Attacks on cloud applications

NOVEMBER: Poor prognosis for healthcare data

DECEMBER: Skills gap in IT security




MARCH: Hybrid cloud strategies

APRIL: All in: Even big enterprises are transitioning to the cloud

MAY: Let’s Make a Deal:A Look at The Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market

JUNE: Security standards for the cloud

JULY: This is Big:Enterprises achieve cloud-like capabilities in-house

AUGUST: Cyberattacks in the cloud

SEPTEMBER: Cloud Services Brokerage’s (CSB’s) increasingly strategic role

OCTOBER: No ifs, apps or buts:Applications must be cloud-optimized

NOVEMBER: The rise of cloudops

DECEMBER: Hyperconvergence in cloud architectures




MARCH: The explosion of containers

APRIL: Unseated: Virtual desktops taking off

MAY: Next-gen virtualization: Beyond the desktop computer

JUNE: The commoditization of the server virtualization market

JULY: Application virtualization

AUGUST: Virtual server management software

SEPTEMBER: Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

OCTOBER: Enterprise storage virtualization

NOVEMBER: Containers vs. hypervisors

DECEMBER: Software-defined data centers (SDDCs)




MARCH: Managing data via real-time data analytics

APRIL: Flash arrays and solid-state drives (SSDs)

MAY: Big data and hyperscale storage

JUNE: Unstructured data

JULY: Legacy vendors

AUGUST: Unified Server and Storage (USS)

SEPTEMBER: HDD and interfaces

OCTOBER: OpenStack

NOVEMBER: Hybrid arrays

DECEMBER: Emerging vendors and innovation




MARCH: Can too much storage signal a lack of compliance?

APRIL: Scaling data storage in an age of zettabytes

MAY: Exploring Copy Data Management (CDM)

JUNE: Erasure coding

JULY: Next-gen storage networking

AUGUST: Object storage

SEPTEMBER: Software-defined storage appliances

OCTOBER: New uses for flash storage

NOVEMBER: DevOps in converged infrastructures

DECEMBER: The mandate of storage and backup compliance




MARCH: Big Data, big problems? Managing regulatory risks

APRIL: Managing the data bulge

MAY: It’s a security thing: The possible impact of the Internet of Things on your data

JUNE: Beware of BYOD?

JULY: Setting up secure systems for mobile workers

AUGUST: Implications of the EU Data Protection Regulation

SEPTEMBER: Best – and most secure – practices for data destruction

OCTOBER: Developing cybersecurity standards

NOVEMBER: Government surveillance and encryption

DECEMBER: Data protection in health care




MARCH: Under the hood: A look at server monitoring tools

APRIL: Far and away: Remote network management

MAY: Steeling against data stealers

JUNE: Why bandwidth management is key

JULY: Need for speed: The value of understanding network traffic

AUGUST: Troubleshooting DNS server failures

SEPTEMBER: Avoiding downtime doldrums during network performance management

OCTOBER: Preventing performance degradation

NOVEMBER: The importance of maintaining proper host identification

DECEMBER: Protecting network denial of service attacks

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