To Protect and to Serve: Druva Gets 'inSync' With Its Enterprise Laptop Backup Solution

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by Kim Borg

Gone are the days of the ‘traditional’ workforce, where workers commuted to a company’s headquarters and worked primarily on-site. Today’s workers are becoming increasingly mobile, which, of course, means that they need to access company resources remotely.

It also means backing up endpoints (such as laptops, smartphones and tablets) to ensure that corporate data is protected. This is no small task, as the volume of data typically resident on endpoint devices – and the bandwidth necessary to back it up – can prove overwhelming.

So, what are companies and their remote workers to do? That's easy: Assign the task to someone else.

That’s where Druva inSync - a fully automated enterprise laptop backup solution designed to protect corporate data for both office and remote users - comes in. Utilizing global data deduplication, the software-based solution is able to not only substantially reduce the risk and cost associated with endpoint data protection but also reduce recovery time for distributed computers and laptops.

I spoke recently with Jaspreet Singh, Druva’s co-founder and CEO, about overcoming the usual pain points for endpoint backup and recovery.

Kim Borg: Druva just announced that its inSync Cloud solution – a fully automated enterprise-level laptop backup product that offers secure and fast backups to a virtual private cloud – has been enhanced. What are the key enhancements that will grab the attention of Computer Technology Review’s readers, especially those who continue to grapple with common IT backup challenges?

Jaspreet Singh: That's correct, we’ve announced a new backup solution called inSync Cloud that offers many exciting key benefits to our customers that we’re very excited about. These include:

  • Instant global provisioning – an automated sign-up process – that instantly provisions inSync Cloud across multiple global regions, and manages global users and storage regions from a single Web console.
  • Automated deployment, which leverages utilities such as Active Directory, Microsoft SCCM and Casper (JAMF Software) to instantly deploy inSync to global users without requiring their involvement. Backups then run automatically, securely protecting every user’s data.
  • A new elastic cloud architecture, which delivers higher availability through replication of instances across zones. The architecture also delivers on-demand storage expansion that enables enterprises to expand storage capacity and user numbers globally, with no limits.
  • Enhanced security, which is provided with patent-pending distributed encryption key management, 256-bit AES encryption, secure HTTPS mode for server GUI and strict data.
  • High availability, 99.5 percent uptime and 99.99999 percent durability.
  • Global deduplication across all users, which minimizes storage consumption and reduces costs.
  • inSync SafePoint for the Cloud, a data loss prevention add-on module with data encryption, device geo-location and auto/remote data wipe-off features to protect laptop data.

KB: Data deduplication seems like the obvious choice when it comes to a form of backup that can meet the needs of the enterprise. Druva’s approach to increasing the scalability of the backup process seems to transcend this traditional approach. How have you managed to craft such a unique approach?

JS: Druva's approach to deduplication is called application-aware deduplication and is unique to Druva. This is how it works: Traditional block-based deduplication approaches were designed for tape formats and offer limited accuracy for global (across different sources) deduplication. Druva’s approach offers the industry’s first application-aware deduplication technology; it understands the on-disk format of applications such as Microsoft Office and Outlook to offer 100 percent better deduplication. It is also designed exclusively for laptops, with support for applications like Microsoft Outlook and Office, PDF and images.

In addition, our approach provides faster deduplication because there is no dependence on multiple checksums. Plus, the technology guarantees 100 percent accuracy because it understands the application format. Key benefits of the technology are the ability to reduce disk I/O by up to 80 percent and network round trips for incremental backups by 90 percent. When deployed in environments with SSDs, the overall backup throughput is improved by a factor of five.

KB: Security and service are of paramount importance to the user when it comes to implementing a cloud-based backup solution. inSync Cloud appears to have both issues covered: on the security end by ensuring that users will be unable to tamper with backup policies and on the service end by providing enterprise-scale Service Level Agreements. Can your product truly deliver on this promise?

JS: Yes. In fact, Druva inSync Cloud is the industry’s first cloud-based laptop backup solution to guarantee enterprise-scale Service Level Agreements. The solution guarantees stringent SLAs for availability and durability of backed-up data. Data from any point in the past can be accessed instantaneously over the Internet for a laptop PC, smartphone or tablet and restored in minutes.

KB: Let’s face it: Backing up is a chore, no matter which approach a business takes. How does your newly enhanced product make the process not only painless but also seamless for the end user?

JS: inSync Cloud is designed with two principles in mind: simplicity and ease of use. For administrators, the solution is simple to download, configure, deploy and manage – just 10 minutes from installation to setup and you're done.

For end users, the solution is so simple to use that it’s virtually invisible. inSync Cloud provides an opportunistic scheduling approach, which ensures that backups can be scheduled flexibly at the most convenient times for users.

Druva inSync’s agent defers the first backup of the day by 10 minutes after a user logs in to ensure that the user is not disturbed when he or she starts working. Backups that miss the scheduled windows are automatically resumed when bandwidth becomes available again. Users have the freedom to access their data from anywhere and anytime using their client application or a Web browser, or from mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. Combine all of these with a powerful search capability and the availability of multiple restore points to restore data, and inSync Cloud provides users powerful data access, restore and sharing capabilities.

KB: What is the pricing structure for inSync Cloud?

JS: Pricing starts at $1 per GB of de-duplicated storage and $2 per user per month. inSync SafePoint in the Cloud is an additional $1 per machine per month.

For more information about Druva’s advances in the continuous data availability space, check out

Kim Borg is the Editorial Manager at Computer Technology Review. She can be reached at


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