Software Defined Networking: Coming Soon to a Network Near You

Monday, 09 September 2013 10:44

by Justin Hadler

The buzz around software defined networking (SDN), an approach that abstracts control from network endpoints to a centralized process in software, is getting louder and louder. SDN is poised to improve security, network efficiency, and flexibility while reducing complexity. But, ...

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Infortrend EonNAS 3000 Series boosts management efficiency, customization

Friday, 18 April 2014 04:08


Infortrend announced this week that EonNAS 3000 unified storage systems have added support for command line interface (CLI). Joining the intuitive EonNAS GUI, CLI allows direct system management, helping IT managers perform tasks with greater flexibility and efficiency.

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Accelerating SAN Storage

Accelerating SAN Storage
by Tony Afshary

The data deluge, with its relentless increase in the volume and velocity of data, has brought renewed focus on an old problem: the enormous performance gap that exists in input and output (I/O) operations between a server’s memory and disk storage. I/O takes a mere 100 nanoseconds for information stored in a server’s memory, whereas I/O to a hard disk drive (HDD) takes about 10 milliseconds — a difference of five orders of magnitude that is having a profound adverse impact on application performance and response times.

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