Viking Technology debuts VT-PM line of NVMe U.2 persistent memory drives for ultra-low latency, data persistence

Viking Technology, a division of Sanmina Corp., announced on Tuesday its new VT-PM8 and VT-PM16 persistent memory drives that deliver performance and unlimited write endurance similar to that of DRAM, while simultaneously providing the data persistence desired for enterprise applications. VT-PM drives, part of Viking’s family of persistent memory technology products, are 2.5 inch U.2 NVMe PCIe Gen3 drives built with architecture from Radian Memory Systems.

The new VT-PM8 and VT-PM16 drives’ U.2 NVMe PCIe interface allows enterprise customers to use persistent memory. Previous persistent memory architectures using DDR4 module interfaces can limit the ability of plug-and-play capability. By offering persistent memory with the industry standard NVMe interface, customers are able to access memory via normal block or programmed I/O byte addressable access, without special firmware or hardware requirements.

Viking Technology specializes in Non-Volatile DIMMs (NVDIMM), Solid State Drives (SSD), and DRAM solutions. Products include embedded flash solutions such as eUSB, Secure Digital (SD), mSATA, SlimSATA, and M.2 SSD, along with enterprise solutions such as NVDIMM Persistent memory and 2.5in & 1.8in SATA/PCIe/NVMe/SAS SSDs.

Viking Technology also offers one of the most comprehensive lines of DRAM solutions, from DDR4 to legacy support of DDR1 in every form factor, including standard, ultra small and custom designs.

Similar to non-volatile dual in-line memory modules (NVDIMMs), the VT-PM8 and VT-PM16 are built with DRAM memory technology, NAND flash memory and an on-board energy source to preserve data integrity in the event of a power failure. Unlike NVDIMMs, the VT-PM16 supports hot-swap applications and sits in the drive bay, allowing for easy access and serviceability.

The VT-PM drives are also designed and optimized for enterprise applications and integration with a wide range of features such as dual port (2×2) or single port (x4) modes, delivering high performance and endurance.

The unlimited endurance and dual port capabilities of the VT-PM drives makes them ideal for high availability systems with dual nodes. Additional applications and use cases include metadata storage, read/write logging, database read logs, and journaling. These applications are important for data centers, hyper scale and HCI infrastructure, enterprise storage and servers.

“Our customers have been asking for better solutions that ease the integration of persistent memory technologies into their enterprise storage platforms,” said Hamid Shokrgozar, president, Viking Technology. “We’ve expanded our roadmap to include the VT-PM family of products to address this need and believe this will help drive greater adoption of persistent memory technologies for the enterprise server and storage markets.”


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