Bastille is the first company to detect and mitigate the rapidly emerging threats to the enterprise that are the unintended consequence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Using a combination of next-generation sensors and software, Bastille enables the enterprise to detect, localize, and assess security risks by scanning the entire radio frequency (RF) spectrum, gaining visibility into devices that operate on more than 100 distinct protocols.
Bastille helps enterprise organizations protect cyber and human assets while providing unprecedented visibility of IoT devices that could pose a threat to network infrastructure. By the year 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, with some 5 billion of these devices in the enterprise. With no true IoT security regulations mandated, many of these devices contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and be used as a portal to infiltrate a network.
Bastille provides solutions for use throughout the enterprise including:

  •  Campus Protection & Utilization:
  • Detecting data exfiltration via compromised mobile and/or IoT devices
  • Preventing unauthorized networks from being established, e.g. detecting rogue cell towers
  • Providing visibility of space utilization by employees and visitors
  • Monitoring building and secure area ingress and egress for forensic or business continuity purposes
  • Data Center Protection
  • Industrial Control System monitoring for breaches or unauthorized access
  • Unauthorized device alerts
  • Data exfiltration detection
  • Call Center Protection
  • Monitoring for the presence of unauthorized devices, e.g. cell phones
  • Detecting the compromise of hands-free headsets
  • Executive Suite Protection
  • Detecting bugs and other unapproved transmitters within the C Suite
  • Detecting local presence of rogue cell towers

Bastille’s multiple patent and patent-pending software and sensors bring full visibility to RF-emitting devices both entering and already within the corporate campus and other high-value corporate areas. This is the first and only solution that assesses and mitigates risks associated with the IoT. Currently, the only visibility enterprises have into their airspace is through their Wi-fi networks, but that is NOT where the IoT lives. The IoT lives on over 100 protocols spanning 6 GHz of wireless spectrum.

By scanning the entire spectrum, Bastille is able to identify every signal emitter in a corporate airspace. This information is then gathered and analyzed, allowing improved situational awareness of potential cyber threats and post-event forensic analysis. This approach enables security teams to quickly detect malicious behavior, data leakage, and vulnerabilities stemming from compromised IoT devices.

For more information, visit Bastille.

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