Data Dynamics StorageX 7.7


StorageX 7.7 is a software defined data migration platform that eliminates multi-vendor storage silos and provides enterprises with an intelligent, policy-based, cloud storage management platform to empower data portability, usability and insight. The solution supports business agility and operational efficiency for hundreds of enterprise customers, Fortune 500 companies, and large municipal governments to increase storage portability for the simplified adoption of next-generation heterogeneous datacenter and cloud infrastructures.

Version 7.7 of the software addresses many of the challenges faced during transitions, including deeper understanding of the source infrastructure, ensuring security access is in compliance, scheduling and planning cutovers to new destination storage devices as well as robust reporting. In addition, to meet the scale of petabyte plus environments, StorageX 7.7 has been upgraded to a 64 bit architecture, giving it the ability to scale as well as accelerate the speed at which it moves data.

What sets apart this product in the software application space?
The StorageX toolset offers movement of data detailing what data was moved, where it moved and even what didn’t move (and why). It does this while reducing disruption, mitigating the data load on the network, and decreasing migration time by 600%.

StorageX 7.7 offers new features that strategically allow enterprises to effectively mobilize unstructured data, including file security management, cluster-aware data mobility, visual data mobility planning, and 64-bit architecture.

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