NooBaa data management solution

NooBaa is a software-based data management solution for petabyte-scale unstructured-data applications, based on a unique new architecture not found in traditional storage. By using machine learning and IOT concepts, the NooBaa system can guarantee reliability and performance across a heterogeneous and dynamic capacity environment, including hosts that are physical or virtual, public or private, multi-cloud, and WAN-distributed servers. NooBaa easily deploys in 15-minutes and maintains best-in-class ease-of-use through automation.

What sets apart this product in the software application space
NooBaa is the most agile and lowest TCO storage architecture ever invented.

Becuase of its differentiated architecture, NooBaa provides these unique capabilities:
– The only scale-out storage that can be self-installed in 15-minutes from download to production
– The first storage that treats public clouds’ capacity as a continuous fabric with on-premise resources
– The first storage solution to support completely host/capacity environments (no reference architectures or HCL’s to constrain a user’s choice)
– The first storage solution that non-disruptively consumes new media/host/networking technologies anytime in the product lifecycle
– A greatly simplified administrative experience through automation, based on machine learning and metadata

These capabilities allow NooBaa to deliver the experience of public cloud: instant-on, elastic up AND down, zero hardware concerns, and pay-as-you-go licensing,
…but without the future-risk of lock-in: Use any local resources, use any public cloud, switch anytime.
…and without sacrificing control: enterprise encryption, customer-managed, protected.

For more information, please visit NooBaa.

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