StealthAUDIT for Data Access Governance (DAG) enables organizations to understand and control access to their information. People generate more unstructured data with every document, spreadsheet and presentation they create. The scale of the unstructured data security challenge is huge, and the risks are evident in data breach headlines nearly every day.

StealthAUDIT is an auditing, compliance, and governance framework for understanding and controlling access to unstructured data on file systems and SharePoint sites. Securing this access means securing 80% of an organization’s information. StealthAUDIT for DAGcollects permission information from the file systems and SharePoint sites where data lives, and correlates it with Active Directory data to provide a comprehensive view of access across the entire organization.
To overcome the challenge of managing such a large amount of data, StealthAUDIT for DAG identifies where the most sensitive information lives within the environment and starts there. Additionally, high-risk instances of open access, where information is exposed to large portions of the organization, are identified to help prioritize remediation efforts.

StealthAUDIT for DAG will help lock access down and manage it moving forward, protecting what matters most.

What sets apart this product in the software application space
StealthAUDIT for Data Access Governance:
Reduces security risk, ensuring that the most critical information in the organization is only accessible to those who need it, and that controls are in place to govern access on an ongoing basis.

Fulfills compliance requirements, allowing organizations to easily prove exactly who has access to what information and what users are doing with their access.

Reduces operations costs by automating the process of answering the time-consuming question of who has access to what.

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